Special Exhibits Around the Hospital

The History Center has display cases with exhibits all around HCMC. These exhibits are rotating and are updated every 2-3 months.

Clinkers, and grease, and old dirty clothes;
Long hours of work, and the mending of hose;
Garbage cans, bed pans and dish washing machines;
Painting, and plastering and mending of screens;
Sweating, and cursing, and heaving of coal;
Singing, and praying, and testing of soul;
Drudgery, happiness, sorrow, and joy;
Complaint, screams, and laughter- “A girl, -no, a boy!”;
Myst’ries of science and labors of love;
Are what a hospital’s made out of.
-From 1936, Author Unknown

The Hennepin Medical History Center is proud to announce a new rotating exhibit featured in the Blue Lobby and Lower Level Blue Atrium walkway display cases. The exhibit, The World Within Our Walls, highlights the vast array of skills, abilities, and concerns that are necessary to fulfill our patient care mission. This exhibit contains historic and current documents, object, and photographs to tell the story of each hospital department’s contribution to our health care mission. These departments include; security, pharmacy, social service, spiritual care, facilities, business office, food service, storeroom and many more. The exhibit is developed and maintained by the volunteers and will assistance from the current staff members in the departments. For more information, stop into the History Center on Tues/Thurs from 10-2 and check out the current displays now up in the Blue Café Lobby and the Blue Atrium!


HCMC History Center Display

Blue Building Cafe Cases 

HCMC History Center Display

Park Ave Skyway Case
(located near HCMC parking ramp)

HCMC History Center Display

Lower Level Blue Atrium Cases

Iron Lung

Iron Lung

The Iron Lung pictured has been in the collection since 1976. It is one of many medical devices on display in our collections.

Humans breathe by negative pressure breathing; the rib cage expands and the diaphragm contracts, expanding the chest cavity. If a person loses part or all of the ability to control the muscles involved, breathing becomes difficult or impossible. Learn More


Our permanent collections are operated by the Hennepin Health Foundation.

The collections are located in the lower level of the HCMC Blue Building – 915 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN. MAP

Both collections are open:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
10am - 2pm and by appointment

The MMC Collection:
Is located in BL.227.

The HCMC Collection:
Is located in BL.226.

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