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150 years of History

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hennepin county hospital timeline

Schools for Healthcare Providers


  • 1951 Christine Furmen was director.
  • 1954 Affiliated with Swedish, Fairview, Asbury, Methodist.
  • 1958 Also affiliated with North Memorial.
  • 1959 Name changed to Minneapolis School of Anesthesia.
  • 1960 Met accreditation requirements: 450 hours of clinical instruction and 250 hours of classroom instruction.
  • 1962 Clinical Instructor was Van Laurese; 400 hours of classwork, 3 months probation, 6 months with supervision; 9 months with minimal surpervison.
  • 1965 Affiliates included Abbott, Fairview, Asbury Methodist, Swedish and North Memorial; had 10 students.
  • Became St. Mary's School of Anesthesia with classroom instruction on the campus and clinical in the hospitals.

School of Nursing for City/General/HCMC

  • 1893 Training School for Nurses opened with 1-1/2 years of training.
  • 1898 Training extended to 2 years.
  • 1903 Training became 3 years.
  • 1909 U of Minnesota opened a school of nursing; lectures were onsite at City Hospital.
  • 1912 St. Barnabus and Eitel attended lectures.
  • 1921 – 1947 Became Central School of Nursing with the merger of City Hospital, Charles T. Miller, Northern Pacific with U of Minnesota.
  • Mrytle Coe had trained at the Army nursing school in the 1920s; she became one of the world's first clinical nursing instructors. Her salary at MGH was $100 a month.
  • 1947 General Hospital reestablished a three-year program.
  • 1974 Hospital-based schools began closing and training was done on the campus of community colleges with clinical experience at the hospitals.
  • 1980s and beyond Many student nurses from St. Catherine School of Nursing, the University of Minnesota and Metropolitan Community College receive clinical experience at HCMC.


  • 1916 A 6-month school of radiology was established for registered nurses.
  • 1922 Three students took an 18 month course at General Hospital.
  • 1944 Standards established for essentials in programs; minimum training 12 months. General students have gone to the U of M or St. Barnabas Hospital for didactic training.
  • 1955 and 1960 Revisions to program increase minimum length to 24 months including one-year internship.
  • 1967 July Minneapolis General Hospital established their own program.
  • 1983 The hospital-based school was closed; classes were on college campuses with clinical training in hospitals. The School at HCMC had a maximum of 50 students. They covered the department for 24/7 having the opoportunity to learn all that x-ray technology can offer.

The Minneapolis City Hospital Training Programs

  • Laboratory
  • X-ray
  • Practical Dietetics

The Laboratory and X-ray Programs were eight months duration and "open to women of good moral standing who are high school graduates."

The Course in Dietetics was of four months duration and is "open to graduates of recognized Home Economics courses who are women of good moral standing."

The students received board, room and laundry while taking the course.


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