Our permanent collections are operated by the Hennepin Health Foundation.

The collections are located in the lower level of the HCMC Blue Building – 915 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN. MAP

Both collections are open:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
10am - 2pm and by appointment

The MMC Collection:
Is located in BL.227.

The HCMC Collection:
Is located in BL.226.

Email | 612.873.6090


Our galleries located inside HCMC

Enter the HCMC Blue Building off 7th Street, walk through the hallways and take the marble staircase on the left. The History Center is on the right in the Lower Level.

Enter the HCMC Blue Building off 8th Street, walk right toward the information desk, following the hallway left. The marble staircase will be ahead on the right. The History Center is on the right in the Lower Level.

HCMC is located at

701 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415

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